Hi, my name is Nadya. I was born in Germany in 1977. I am married, I have 2 kids and I live with my family in the beautiful state of Bavaria.

I’ve always been artistically active and I tried out many different techniques and styles throughout my life. In 2018, I discovered the technique of dotpainting.

I love to create geometric and symmetrical patterns and fill them with colorful dots. As you may have noticed I am very fond of using mandalas in my art. Dotpainting has become a passion for me. I am proud to present my art. I hope you are inspired and enjoy exploring my homepage.

Materials I use

My paint is a mix of medium, water and acrylics from Lukas.

“CRYL STUDIO has exceptional coverage and excellent color permanence with perfect consistency and excellent color saturation. CRYL STUDIO offers a premium quality color with a great value for money for beginners and users of large quantities.”


To create my dots I use different tools.

As you can see on the picture two of them are silicon brushes. The other ones are called dotting tools.

To find out how I use the different tools please check out my Instagram account and watch the making-of-videos.

I use 100% cotton canvas, natural white.

Most of the time I use square canvas with a size of 40x40cm or 50x50cm.